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Victory! Our (very big) data project Taxi Trails with Taxi Stockholm and King was awarded with a golden egg at Guldägget 2015!

We’re extremely happy for this award, not only because winning is fun, but also since the service have been very well received by real users. Check out the full case here.

Guldägget is Sweden’s oldest, largest and most prestigious competition for the communication industry. The purpose is to draw attention to the best advertisement, lead the industry forward and raise the level of the creative standard.

April 2015 | Permalink

Awards bonanza

Once again we are super-happy for all the love our productions are receiving!

So, this post is packed with humble brag about the nods we're receiving on the world wide web. Thanks a lot!

The Mathias Sterner-site locked down an Awwwards Site of the day-badge and our Taxi Trails-project is nominated in Guldägget as well as OneShow. And it doesn't stop there - Taxi Trails has received two nominations and one honorable mention in the Webbys!

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New clients + new work

We're not only welcoming new people these days, but also a bunch of new clients. And like that wasn't enough, we're also pushing out a lot of new work for existing ones!

First things first.

We're extremely happy to welcome Taxi Stockholm to the roster of clients and we're currently working on something really exciting together. Watch out for this new experience in late May — it's going to be one of a kind!

We would also like to welcome a major player to the shop. We're not allowed to tell you who it is just yet, but it's a fashion giant and we couldn't be happier to partner up with this global brand for (at least) the coming three years. Stay tuned for more!

In the factory we've been busier than ever creating the concepts, pushing the pixels, mounting the logic-boards and writing some sweet lines of code. This has resulted in a bunch of new work leaving the studio — the development of SVT:s Edit.se-platform, a new folio for Henrik Nygren and a product showcase for Modernity. Still brewing are productions for SVT (yes, more stuff!), Bygg Ole, Telenor and Libero. More about all this soon!

March 2015 | Permalink

Welcome Jonas

Finally! After years of persuasion Jonas Stenqvist decided to jump ship and join us as Head of Production.

Just like David, Jonas has been a friend for many years and we've been watching him lead and realise tons of great productions. With that said we couldn't be happier when he finally (yes, we've been working on this for a while) decided to come join the family.

Jonas will be responsible for managing most of our productions as well as making the studio run smooth. Well, he's in for a treat... let's just leave it at that.

Need digital innovation? Jonas is yours at jonas@weareyours.com.

March 2015 | Permalink

Amsterdam hideout

Your favorite studio is all over the place. Well, at least in Stockholm and Amsterdam!

That's right. Since this autumn we're not only a Stockholm-based creative boutique, we're now also with an Amsterdam office. Or hideout is probably a better word for it. We're still working on getting things up and running for real but if you're nearby feel free to swing by for coffee and beer at Brouwersgracht, right by Singel.

Why Amsterdam you may ask? Why not we may answer. We could also tell you that it has to do with a new exciting client, but we'll keep that to ourselves. For now.

December 2014 | Permalink

Busy busy

We're still alive as they say and not gone fishing at all. We're just buried in work at the moment.

In fact, together with SVT we're working on a new type of platform — this is super-exciting but allocates a lot of our poking-around-time, hence no updates to our world wide website. We're also starting up a bunch of exciting projects and productions at the moment.

More about all this very soon, friends. Hang in there!

September 2014 | Permalink

Awards season!

The world has been good to us lately and we've bagged a bunch of new awards.

We're super proud that we got awarded a Silverägg in digital in this years edition of Guldägget for the Nattjouren campaign. This piece of work also landed a gold statue in the latest Tomorrow Awards in Miami — as the only Swedish campaign awarded!

July 2014 | Permalink

New stuff from the factory

Leading up to summer we've pushed out a handful of new campaigns.

Summer is approaching and we're as busy as ever. During the last weeks we've been working on numerous projects — some of them which are just live and some of them which you have to wait for until after summer.

Middagsmackan is a new recipe bank totally based around time-saving dinner sandwiches. It comes as a mobile-first site with it's own Twitter bot!

If the suit fits is our latest campaign for mens clothing retailer Brothers. If the suit fits, it’s yours. And dinner at a three-star restaurant in New York. How do you win? Just be yourself.

Still in the making are new campaigns for Fazer, Taxi Stockholm and SVT. And a talking bronze statue for Absolut Vodka.

June 2014 | Permalink

Hello SVT

After an intense period of presenting and pitching, we are proud to announce that we are contracted as one of the roster agencies for SVT.

This means that we will be working on a variety of projects for SVT including campaign sites, games and other interactive challenges that will come up.

The contract is for 3 years – and we're looking forward to working with the BBC of Sweden!

February 2014 | Permalink

Welcome David

We are very, very pleased to announce that David Genelid has joined our team.

David has been a friend for many years and he has been responsible for some of the best digital campaigns in the past decade. He finally realised that working at a smaller studio is way more interesting than working at a big-name-agency.

Though we had to lure him away with the promise of a Yours Running Club (to be continued), daily fresh coffee (no biggie there) and a pet Llama called Guiseppe (working on that).

David will be responsible for the technical direction for most of the projects and he's yours at david@weareyours.com.

February 2014 | Permalink

Under Armour

We are thrilled to announce we will be working alongside Under Armours' in house marketing and design team in Amsterdam to help out on developing ideas, creative– and digital direction for the brand.

Under Armour is an American sports clothing and accessories company and a household name in North American families since 1996. Under Armour has long struggled to establish a presence internationally, but is finally finding its voice in Europe.

We are very excited to be part of this development and help out on a variety of projects.

November 2013 | Permalink

Looney Tunes

Our ongoing collaboration with the Turner Broadcasting team in the Nordics has led us to some interesting projects over the past months.

Campaigns for Transformers, Scooby Doo and Garfield have released the inner child in all of us. This Christmas, we will be launching a Looney Tunes Christmas Calendar and we could not have asked Santa for a better way of spending time with our all time favourite cartoon characters!

Stay tuned...

November 2013 | Permalink

Fresh Blood

Just before the end of the transfer season, we have gotten our hands on some fresh meat!

Mega-talented-designer Filip Nordin has joined our team to work on a variety of clients. After graduating from Hyper Island and an adventure in Amsterdam, Filip chose hot lunch over sandwiches, snow over rain and us over all the other agencies that wanted a piece of him.

We're proud to have him!

November 2013 | Permalink

Scratch and win

We have just won the 'mobile campaign of the month' award from Swedish media platform Resume for our collaborative campaign for Triss, together with King.

The campaign 'Scratch and win your dream home' is a disquised banner that is displayed inside the popular hemnet app, which let's people browse their dream houses and other objects by swiping through the content.

Suddenly, the user would "scratch" a Triss-lottery ticket with the message 'Plötsligt händer det' – 'Suddenly it happen').

The scratches where physically controlled by the speed of the swipe and by tilting your phone and the experience was made even more realistic by scratchy particles. Obviously.

October 2013 | Permalink