We're an independent digital innovation studio from Stockholm. We have an infectious enthusiasm for making things, solving problems and building brands and, most importantly, having a lot of fun doing it.

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Dropbox as CMS

Forget about Cargo. Forget about Behance. Don't talk about Indexhibit and don't even mention the word Squarespace.

Art with code

We're not saying that these emerging website-development-tools suck. On the contrary, we really salute them.

But when you're over 50 and a fine artist that values paint over the paintbucket, a goose feather over the pen-tool and your imagination over Dribble – you don't want to worry about a theme, a layout or a template.

This idea inspired us to make some art ourselves. Not like, god forbid, a painting. But art with code. And when Swedish artist Maria Wahlström approached us seeking a new home on the world wide web, we found ourselves a crash-test-artist.

We first helped her with a new visual identity, ranging from a new logo mark to a new and simple gallery-style website - with scrolling and keyboard capabilities.

No nothing

Then, utilizing the Dropbox API, we gave Maria a shared folder structure in which she drops photos of her paintings and edits the text-documents holding all the texts for the site. And like magic (yes, seriously) the site is updated to reflect any change to the folder structure. No admins. No file-uploads. No nothing.

How about taking a photo of a new painting with your iPhone and have the Dropbox iOS-application sync it to the site right away. Pretty sweet, huh?

Altough the artist needs to have some basic knowlegde of technology, such as turning the computer on and off, this admin tool is probably the most simple admin-tool we've ever built.

In reality it's no admin tool at all. Just some black-magic behind the scenes.