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Friends with benefits

How about building something that automatically prints a greeting every time someone likes our Facebook page?

The hardware

We stumbled upon a sweet device from Berg Cloud called the Little Printer. You've heard about it, right?

It lets you subscribe to different publications and will automatically output something like a miniature newspaper on its receipt like printer. It seemed pretty cool and all, so we bought one. Unfortunately the publications turned out to be not that great or exciting - at least not in an office environment.

After crying for a minute of two we found out that they had an API going on. Rad. We set out to make something meaningless.

The hubris printer

Hooking into the Little Printer API and having something printed on the fly was a breeze. Getting the names for the people who like our Page on Facebook - hitting a brick wall. Turns out you're only allowed to fetch the number of likes for a Page through the Graph API, not the actual people liking it. Jeez, come on now Facebook.

You think that would stop us? Nah. When we did the Fisherman's gig we actually ended up creating a bot surfing Facebook and indexing the data we needed. So, why not use the same approach here?

Said and done. We threw a couple of more man-hours into the mix and created a bot that, once every hour, logs in, creates and saves needed cookies, fetches the actual people who like our page by scraping the page admin-panel within Facebook, and saves new ones to a local database.

With that taken care of the bot then makes the appropriate calls to the Little Printer REST API and voilá the printer is now not only printing, but printing the people who like our Facebook page.

How about building something that automatically prints a greeting everytime someone likes our page on Facebook? Hubris? Who? Us? Please.

Finishing touches

As instant feedback for the user - and our way to say thank you - a snapshot of the actual print (profile image + name) is generated and posted back on our Facebook-page.

We're still trying to figure out how to have the Little Printer mount the prints to the wall as well. We'll get back to you on that one.

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