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Spot your friends

Tired of listening to the same old music? Get a Spotify playlist with the tracks your Facebook friends play and enjoy.

Spotify application

The Spot Your Friends Spotify-application searches through your Facebook friends' feeds and finds what music they've been listening to.

The data is sorted descending in time and by popularity and is presented to you as one hundred fresh songs in a generated Spotify playlist. Sexy? Sexy!

Spot Your Friends also features an all-time-high toplist for the most played tracks - for all users of the application (which you, of course, also can get as a playlist). The community can't be wrong, right?

One hundred fresh songs in a generated Spotify playlist.

The aftermath

We conceptualized, designed and built this application for the Spotify Application platform way back in 2011, long before Spotify and Facebook were sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g. With that said long before you could stalk your friends inside Spotify.

Just saying.