We're an independent digital innovation studio from Stockholm. We have an infectious enthusiasm for making things, solving problems and building brands and, most importantly, having a lot of fun doing it.

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The lab

This is what we do late nights, early mornings and when waiting for your feedback.

We believe in innovation

A devout interest in design and technology is what brought us together.

We continuously investigate emerging trends and technologies in order to keep up with the Kardashians.

We try, fail, test, break, blow-up and experiment with the latest hardware and gadgets to surprise and service our clients with new possibilities and digital innovation.

The write-ups found in the Research-section might be a bit techy. Or short. Or long. Or just incoherent. But always interesting.

Want us to test, try, use or improve your product? Want us to realize one of our lab projects for your brand? Or maybe you just want to know a little more about what we can do for you and your business? Please don't hesitate to get in contact for a coffee and a chat!