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Adizero F50

Only the best is good enough for world's best football player.

Light makes fast

Adidas was about to launch their all new football boot: The AdiZero F50. Also known as Messi's boot.

At the time, this boot was not only the lightest boot on the market, it was also powered by Adidas miCoach, capturing your on-pitch performances allowing you to train better, track your activity level and heart rate, share your data, compare yourself with the best (Messi!), and challenge your friends and family.

Dominate the game

The AdiZero F50 helps you not to train as hard as you can, but as hard as you should. Like your browser. That's why we created a dynamic, scalable and translatable campaign packed with with imagery and videos of Messi and his new boot. pushing the limits of what is technologically possible.

And we built a 360 product demo. Of course.

With Sid Lee and Stopp, 2011