We're an independent digital innovation studio from Stockholm. We have an infectious enthusiasm for making things, solving problems and building brands and, most importantly, having a lot of fun doing it.

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Attention to detail

An expression for the love of craftsmanship and the appreciation of things well done.

Experimental and new

Goliath Sportswear has been worn by sports professionals and shoe afficionados since 1925. We took the building blocks of the Goliath heritage and created a digital campaign, a true hommage to the original vision.

The campaign supported the off-beat, the experimental and the new, highlighting three communities with a traditional profession – done in a new way.

The Mesh Print Club, for example: Screen printers extraordinaire from Rotterdam, pushing the boundaries of design and sustainability. The Dalston FARM:shop, a group of visionary London-based urban farmers changing the game of farming in the city – and Drop Coffee, genius coffee roasters slash baristas, amping up the coffee-game in Stockholm.

Attention to detail

This immersive experience is a mash-up of story-driven video, shorter video-clips and interviews, propagated content from social media and lots of photographs.

The main experience uses the full power of Flash (deep-linking, 3D-transitions powered by Apparat 3D our own 3D-engine, video, audio effects and music etc). Of course we've also built a custom iOS-version for all you Apple-heads out there.

Share the love

Goliath goes by a simple belief belief that everything they do should be done to the best of their abilities.

This idea was widely picked up not only by people who were into printing, farming or roasting, but by many who digged the idea of a brand was reaching out to them, as human beings.