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Brothers Quiz Show

Style is more than looking good. It’s about knowing the right answers.

Bro’s like stuff

Swedish fashion retailer Brothers really understands men. They know that most of us is not overly interested in fashion, but that we do care about being well dressed and looking sharp.

We are, however, interested in a lot of other things such as music, food, drinks, cars, girls and movies. This insight, if you can call it like that, became the starting point for the idea: a traveling quiz competition in Brothers stores around Sweden about stuff that guys like.

Together with Pool, we created a dedicated site and social media campaign that invited ‘Bro’s’ from all over Sweden to pre-test their knowledge, check out the tour schedule and RSVP for one of the events where they, together with a friend, could win a full-blown trip to the city of ultimate style: Tokyo.

During this campaign, everything had to work together. From the mobile stage to moveable WIFI-networks to the entire gaming infrastructure.

The BroQuiz

During the quiz, Bro’s had to compete in a pre-round of questions that they'd answer on a special mobile site we created. The three fastest couples were invited on-stage but before going ‘live’, they were styled by Brothers in order to look their best.

We designed the complete infrastructure of the game. From the campaign website to the actual WIFI-hotspots and game components that travelled around Sweden. We had built a system where the Bro's, after registering by name and photo, could use their smart-phones to answer questions served in a themed interface on a big screen.

From a custom admin tool, the game host (famous Swedish editor and comedian Kristoffer Triumf) controlled and managed the ins and outs of the game.

Getting rid of the latency and making all units sync simultaneously was quite a challenge, but with smart event-management and broadcasting, it turned out pretty bro-tastic.

The biggest challenge turned out to be making sure the infrastructure was easy to set up and break off every week, before continuing on the road.

Showing love

The goal of the campaign: finding a new way of engaging men between 25 and 45, dragging them away from online shopping platforms and have them hang out in one of the nearby Brothers stores– while earning lots of attention in social media– was lavishly reached.

Hundreds of ‘brothers' competed in the traveling competition and many more visited the quiz evenings around Sweden.

The project received lots of positive media attention and people who visited one of the events could not stop talking about it in social media. The dedicated Instagram feed shows for itself.

With Pool, 2013