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Cash & Burn

An alternate reality game set in the Swedish criminal underworld.

Fast Money

In 2005 the Swedish movie Snabba Cash premiered and became a huge international success for its creators Nordisk Film and Tre Vänner. It was about time for the follow-up: Snabba Cash II.

We were asked to keep people in the right mindset up to the premiere by involving fans and allow them to get even closer to the shady world the film is set in.

Together with BBDO we created a story-based competition set in the crime underworld. The pressure was on since the budget was small - no paid media what so ever - and the audience were die-hard gangster fans.

Fans of the film were already active on Facebook, especially on the Snabba Cash Facebook-page. Addressing these fans was risky, because if we got it wrong the film's credibility could be damaged.

I thought I was out

We knew that the fans enjoyed the realistic feeling in the first movie so we set out to create a real-time experience that would feel as real as the dark world the film describes.

This resulted in us forsaking any traditional game interface in favor of setting the action in the real world.

Our work involved everything from ideas and concept development, content seeding, technical research and planning, to building and producing the game engine (including a text recognition algorithm) along with all other technical components of the campaign (how about more than 8 different sites where the user could end up?).

The Dark who?

During the campaign period the number of Facebook fans increased by 20% and activity on the Facebook page grew by over 400%.

But best of all - Snabba Cash II immediately claimed the box-office top spot with 96.000 visitors in its opening weekend. That's 38% more than the goal set of 70.000 visitors.

Enough to beat even the "Dark Knight Rises".

With BBDO, 2012