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Chain of friends

Making Eames, van der Rohe, Miller and Jacobsen affordable. To everyone.

Social spending

Finnish luxury design retailer Vepsäläinen was looking to promote the idea that great design really is affordable to everyone.

And as we could see ourselves sitting on some new design classics in our office, we created the social campaign Chain of friends.

This Facebook game invited design lovers to rally their friends for support in purchasing a true design classic from the Vepsäläinen store. But the friends didn't have to drop any cash - they just had to join the players' chain of friends to help out!

The competitor with the longest chain got to purchase their design piece of choice for an insanely low price - what the daily cost would have been, calculated from the estimated lifespan (years).

Insane? Insane.

By participating you could get an amazing Arne Jacobsen Egg-chair for as low as 0.32 EUR.

For the love of design

The campaign attracted many Finnish design lovers and their friends - reaching far in the social channels and creating a lot of buzz.

The campaign also received a handful of nominations and awards — making us happy. Almost as happy as getting our hands on a sexy Lounge Chair for almost nothing.

With Hasan & Partners, 2012