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Close Guantanamo

Slide to unlock to learn the real truth about the Guantanamo detention camp.

One step further

Amnesty International Sweden has been using the "slide to unlock" function of iPhone and iPad to promote text message activism.

When the prison camp in Guantanamo turned 10 years in 2012, we used the large digital billboard at Stureplan (the Times Square of Sweden) and an iPad to help symbolize the difference that signatures can make.

Signing the iPad, the billboard reacted simultaneously and your name appeared on the big screen.

The campaign attracted a lot of attention and generated tons of (free) media coverage for Amnesty around the world. The campaign received many nominations and awards, which is nice.

Unfortunately we were not able to close Guantanamo for good. We're still working on that.

Making it work

For all you technology heads out there - this project is running on NodeJS and Socket.io as a base layer with two different applications on top - one for the iPad and one for the screen.

Paper.js and their path simplification algorithm is used for handling the signature writing and smoothing. Signatures are pushed as base64-data between the socket and the devices - to speed things up!

Working with a lot of different pixel densities (all the screens and the fluorescent lamps had individual densities) turned out to be quite a challenge.

To solve the problem with getting animations and interactions to sync across all screens we built a small iPad application that lets you drag and drop guides and helper boxes to map positions and timings.

With Garbergs, 2012