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Evolution car

Now you can become co-owner of a car, just by pressing Like.

The fuel of the future

Preem, the biggest oil company in Sweden, recently launched one of the world's most environmentally friendly diesel fuels – the evolution diesel.

To celebrate the launch of this new fuel, and to spread the word, we launched Evolutionbilen: the evolution car.

Together with together with Forsman & Bodenfors we gave all members of the Preem-page on Facebook the opportunity to lend the actual car filled up with the amazing evolution diesel. For 24 hours. For free.

Some time between 10 and 12 every day the reserve-button was lit up and you had to act fast. By being the first who clicked the button and answered a challenging question, correct of course, you'd get to pick up the car the next day.

The campaign put the fans in the driving seat both online and in the real world. Literally.

Yours x Xzibit

The campaign came to live when we pimped the car with a lot of interesting gadgets to monitor and follow the journey.

For example we mounted a special GPS-tracking device (using the NMT-network to allow for constant uptime and streaming capabilities) that allowed us to see where the car was right now (plotted onto Google Maps).

The tracking device also provided us a lot of information about fuel economy and carbon dioxide. This information gave us the ability to calculate the actual emission all together from the car (and distance, and average speed and a lot of other fun stuff).

To make the journey even more spectacular and add more social value to the campaign, a camera, facing the driver, was mounted in the car, allowing us to watch what's going on. Live.

Dear diary

People posted stories and photos of the trip on their Facebook walls. The campaign became a real-time story written by the fans.

Over a million people saw the campaign on Facebook and Preem's fan-page grew by a massive 1000%, reaching 50% of all 18-24 year olds in Sweden.

We even reached the Swedish House Maffia, who wrote a song about our campaign!

With Forsman & Bodenfors, 2012