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Explore Stockholm

Based on your personal choices you'll experience Stockholm in a way no one else has ever done before.

A cabcast? Vodcab? Or maybe a podcab?

We are super proud to finally reveal our 1st integrated project and digital product for Taxi Stockholm: Explore Stockholm.

Explore Stockholm is a new way to experience Stockholm. The project could fall into many categories - it´s a tour guide, vodcast and mobile museum all rolled into one. For the sake of simplicity, let’s call it an interactive guide tour which lets you choose which aspect of Stockholm you want to explore.

With an interface updated in real-time, narration and sound over the loud-speakers and moving images on a screen, you'll experience Stockholm in a way no-one else has done before.

As I leave the car, I reflect on the very safe city where I’ve lived for the past years. It hasn’t made me more wary, but it’s ensured that I’ll never view Stockholm in quite the same light again. (Sophie Inge, The Local)

Stockholm Crime

The first part of this unique interactive guide is Stockholm Crime; a deep-dive into Nordic Noir. We’ll let you experience major crime scenes that made the news all over the world.

The tour, which covers 6 of the most spectacular crimes in the history of Stockholm, takes about 90 minutes and is written by acclaimed documentarist Anton Berg.

The heart of the guide is an application where we combine your actual location with real-time synchronized audio, videos and juicy extra material — to accompany the story written by Berg. In fact a more or less full-fledged documentary movie was made — packed with original clips, info-graphics, content from old news-channels - and we even recorded custom POV-scenes (how would you like to follow the last footsteps of the Swedish foreign minister?).

Look & feel

To tie all the different entities, clips, assets and graphics together we created an overall identity for the Stockholm Crime-experience.

Following the Nordic Noir-feeling of the story our visual language was vastly based around this theme.

We incorporated a dark and somewhat melancholic realness throughout the production — from the typographic styles to the actual type treatments, the art-direction for the video-editing and special-fx to the UI’s and GUI’s.

And whatnot.

Software & hardware

The guide application has been deployed in 20 of Taxi Stockholms premium cars.

These cars have been fitted out with tinted windows and twin-mounted Android HD-tablets that are streaming sound effects and music through the loudspeakers. The devices are kept in sync by broadcasting small UDP-packages over the custom-mounted 3G-routers (with fallback to Bluetooth broadcasting if the router would fail). The real-time tour utilises geofencing technology and GPS positioning to launch remarkable stories about the places you visit at just the right time.

A lot of time was once again spent (if you've seen our other cases you know this by know) building this as as self-sustaining system; all the cars are running their own closed environments and can be rebooted and reset both in the actual cars as well as remotely by us through our MDM-system. Need to push an update to the app? This can also easily be handled through the system!

The website

We have also taken care of the Explore Stockholm website which acts as the online hub for the project. The website will give you everything you need to know about Explore Stockholm, the Stockholm Crime tour and what’s to come.

The main goal of the site is to drive people to explore what the interactive guide is, getting people interested and hopefully book a guided tour.

The site is a 100% width, fully responsive website containing several video-backgrounds for an immersive experience. A lot of time was put on making the site run super-smooth on both desktop, tablet and mobile.

This was achieved by hi-jacking the scroll and using video backgrounds together with big and bold typography. Sexy!

From here and onwards

The Stockholm Crime tour rolled out in late June and was immediately picked up by the press (locally and internationally!).

For example The Local calls it "...a unique glimpse of Swedish crime history from the comfort of a taxi cab" (here) and Creativity Online says "Cab Firm Capitalizes on Appetite for Swedish Crime Fiction" (here).

The first couple of tours have just been carried out (late June 2015) and reports are stating things like "wow", "it gave me the shivers" and "I wasn't prepared for how much it would affect me". Well, thank you people of the world! It's been a pleasure.

Check back here in a few weeks for more in-depth statistics and numbers on the actual result of the product!

With Taxi Stockholm, 2015