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Fisherman's Friends

We've put the theory of six degrees of separation to the test, once and for all.

True Friendship

Fisherman's Friend is all about friendship. We created a social campaign where people had to find their way home to a friend.

This while traveling the world on Facebook, emphasizing that true friendship is the 'strongest' connection there is.

The adventure starts on a random Facebook profile, anywhere in the world. By jumping to another friendship-linked profile, and another after that, your aim was to travel across the seven digital seas of Facebook, in pursuit of one of your own friends.

One lucky winner got a trip for two, exactly like the one they took virtually.

This production is a true example of how bypassing limitations, rules and pushing the boundaries of the Facebook API:s (REST and Graph) combined with scraping and bot-scripting – really can create magic.

From Aarhus to Zhaotong

Average gaming time ended up being 31 minutes and 27 seconds. During the longest game, Anna visited 178 profiles in 89 countries during 28 hours.

Not bad having someone spend a day playing around with your brand? The campaign landed some shiny awards but really all we wanted to do was hook up with Anna and be her travel companion!

With Forsman & Bodenfors, 2011