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Who to bring along to the future holiday of your dreams?

Bring the toothbrush

AMF, the pension company, was looking for a fun way of engaging people in their upcoming retirement and savings plans. In other words: To get them thinking about their future!

Together with Forsman & Bodenfors we created a campaign that challenged people to think about what their future dream holiday would look like. Who would you bring? Where would you go? When would you leave?

We wanted to create a magnificent and delightful mental-picture of how it is to be a senior citizen with everything taken care of.

People actually started thinking about their futures and with an increase of 62% more customers and 123% more likability after the campaign.

See you in 30 years

Built as a Facebook application for easy access to your dear ones, the campaign let you concretize your dreams.

Invite the friend you want to travel with, choose a destination and a year by spinning the 3-D globe, built with our own 3D-engine Apparat 3D, utilizing drawTriangles.

Last by not least, upload a picture of you and your friend to see how you will look when you're taking off on the holiday of your dreams.

The result is a postcard of you and your friend - aged and wrinkled - on the travel destination of your dreams.

People were able to download, share and post their cards to their wall, generating tremendous (and hilarious) conversations, comments, site traffic and mentions on other social platforms.

With Forsman & Bodenfors, 2011