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Girls Can

Fundraising is kind of broken. So we made it fun and social again.

A simple truth

This is Girls Can. A place where virtual cans of coins travel the world from one friend to another, collecting money for girls in third world countries.

Investing in girls is the best way to help developing countries because they really can do things. When educated, they educate their families. When they have a chance to work and earn money, they spend that money on their families.

Getting your own can is easy. Just go through three simple steps and you will be good to go in no time.

First you connect with Facebook and enter some additional information. You choose the amount you want to donate, go through the payment-system and now it's time to send the can out into the world and on to a friend.

How about adding a little peer pressure to help make the world a better place?

From start to finish

We took part in the project from beginning to start. From the idea development to the art-direction, the design and the development.

We created everything from a custom backend-system, to Facebook-integration, transactional-emails, payment-integration, our own system for rate-limiting, database-load distribution, multi-language support, building of the responsive front-end - and so on.

With Hasan & Partners, 2012

This far hundreds of cans have been created and thousands of EUR has been collected.