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To help all athletes become better, Under Armour created HeatGear.

Bring it on

The marketing of cooling performance fabric is covered in ice, snow, arctic breezes and various shades of blue.

Every brand is saying the same thing: "This will keep you cool and comfortable." Don’t get us wrong. Cool is nice. But Under Armour isn’t only about comfort.

Under Armour is about performance, so we focused on the challenge more than the reward. Because athletes aren’t looking to make things easier.

Just faster. Stronger. Better.

They’re not only saying, "Protect me!" They’re saying, "Bring it on". I will take it on and defeat it.

Control the Heat

We wanted to make it clear that Under Armour has no ill will towards the kind of heat and sweat that rises from drive and hard work.

HeatGear doesn’t let you escape the heat, but control it so that you can perform better. From this we derived a creative concept: CONTROL THE HEAT.

The concept had to work with the overall UA concept "I will" that symbolizes an athletes’ desire to reach the top and dominate their respective sports.

Domination comes with great dedication, physique, concentration and sacrifice. It’s both a mental and physical battle. We took this idea of Will and Power as a starting point for the creative direction.

By using the angle of the excisting "I will" lockup, we created a format for the campaign. By showing both the mental and physical aspect to training, we brought ‘Control the Heat’ to life in a powerful way.

We brought the concept to live in (interactive) retail windows, in-store, online and in social media. We also helped out with a creative direction for athlete and product photography, telling both the physical and the mental story.