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Jobba Smartare

Science shows that we are up to 40% less effective while multitasking. Telenor helps you work both smarter and more focused.

Time to focus

You're working, phones ringing, inboxes are filling up and social media screams for attention. This is probably true for most people these days.

Since only 4% of the population has the ability to multitask efficiently Telenor wanted to show how their services can help users work smarter and more focused.

Together with Lowe Brindfors we crafted a campaign site where users have the ability to test their multitasking abilities in the shape of a classic scientific test as well as in a rather stressful game (where you need to master multiple interactions at once).

By putting the thesis of multitasking to the test (no pun intended!) the campaign showcased how much more efficient switch-tasking is — and how Telenor can help you and your company triumph when it comes to workflow.

While developing the games we soon learnt that no one in the studio was able to multitask. Sad day realising you're not in the special 4%.

Performance across devices

Since people tend to play on the go, using their mobiles and tablets, a lot of time was spent optimizing and making sure the experience works well everywhere.

The games were built upon the Phaser framework and utilizes WebGL where supported (with canvas fallback). As you level up, speed and difficulty increases and the longer you play, the more challenging the games will become.

Office highscore currently clocks at a modest 3.01. Up for the challenge?

With Lowe Brindfors, 2015