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Lilla Aktuellt Kollen

Kids are extremely curious, so we made an app that asks kids how they feel about things, and compares this to other kids in Sweden.

Viewers into participants

Lilla Aktuellt is the largest news show for kids in Sweden. With daily broadcasts and a popular online presence Lilla Aktuellt is the place for youngsters to get their news fix.

Seeing that young people spend more and more time with tablets and cellphones we were asked to come up with a concept that opened a new line of communication — turning the show's viewers into participants. The project was set out to be engaging (making kids want to come back every day), modular and expandable with a longterm perspective.

So, we did the research, interviewed the kids, learnt from existing applications and finally conceptualized, designed, developed and launched Lilla Aktuellt Kollen together with the team at SVT.

The first app of its kind.

Lilla Aktuellt Kollen is currently the #1 entertainment application in the Swedish App Store.

Sharing and interacting

This is an app that asks kids about how they feel about things, and compares this to other kids in Sweden.

It is not a competition, there are no right or wrong answers. It is a journey, rather than a destination. It is a healthy mix of seriousness and lightheartedness — a combination of fun, facts and fiction. It is about likemindedness or not being likeminded at all. About learning that it is okay to have your own opinion. And that it’s actually quite cool to be different.

The app, packed with cute emojis and fun interactions, gives Lilla Aktuellt not only the opportunity to share information about daily news with their viewers, but also let the users share their thoughts, feelings and opinions on current events. The comparison tool is based around the 25 swedish regions (landskap) and is set out to be a conversation starter on why kids in different parts of Sweden have different - or maybe the exact same - opinions.

Number one

To top it all off we helped in creating a system for Lilla Aktuellt to display opinions and thoughts live from the app in their TV broadcasts.

By doing this there are two ways for Lilla Aktuellt to use the app and its data; by asking questions in the app following something they've talked about in broadcast, and to use the app more as research (learning that for example kids in southern Sweden is unhappy with the food in their schools, might result in a broadcast piece about this).

In the first month the app saw over 35.000 users topping (#1) the entertainment chart in the Swedish App Store. The first 6 months more than 150.000 people downloaded the app and more than 17.000.000 answers have been collected! Find it in App Store and on Google Play.

With SVT, 2014