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Mathias Sterner

A Flickr powered photographers portfolio with all the sass and artsy-ness one have come to expect.

Re-introducing Mathias

With numerous features in high-profile magazines like Notion, L'officiel Italia, Dazed & Confused and Apartamento this guy is someone to keep an eye on.

After a few years in London he's now back in Sweden and to (once again) present Mathias Sterner and his work to the Swedish market we crafted a new online presence.

Roughly three years ago when releasing the first version for Mathias, we wrote "This is what we like to call a photographer's portfolio of 2011 - fullscreen content, smart and polite loading, keyboard navigation for the desktop, swipe-/touch-navigation for iOS and tons of stunning work".

The stunning work is definitely still there and so are most of the techniques used back then, but we've also added a few new goodies. This time around the site is fully responsive, of course, has a grid-based layout for better overview, fast "image-to-image" navigation and a pretty sweet CMS.

The "Sterner-green" is now gone making room for a "difficult-blue", no "home" link anywhere to be found and yes, now you can share and pin all of the images found on the site. Artsy right?

Flickr as a CMS

The previous site was great and all but it didn't really have a CMS to handle all the albums, sets and images.

And since Mathias wasn't and still isn't a web-guy, we knew we had to make a super-easy CMS for him to use. Looking around on what's out there we pretty soon came to realize that we couldn't find a single platform that totally suited our needs with a flexible frontend and a solid backend.

So, we decided to use Flickr and their sweet Organizer as CMS/backend for everything from images to videos and text. We also built a stand-alone application with NodeJS to serve the frontend and to connect to the API to fetch all goodies. And don't worry, everything is cached and distributed over CDN to avoid rate-limits and to bump the speed up!

With Mathias Sterner, 2014