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Come closer to your favorite event thanks to smart social media aggregation and analysis.

The ins and outs

Telenor is the main sponsor of the Swedish qualifiers (Melodifestivalen) to the Eurovision Song Contest, which happens to be the biggest televised event in the country.

With their sponsorship philosophy (that they can’t be just another logo on a famous event or person) in the back of our heads, we set out to create the ultimate second-screen experience.

Together with Lowe Brindfors we designed and developed this fully responsive and adaptive social media aggregator and analysis platform featuring Melodifestivalen and its artists.

So, by vacuuming social media channels and online magazines a lot of data was aggregated and because of that you could dig deep into the different qualification rounds, follow your favorite artists (what do they say in social media — and what does social media have to say about them) and even get segmented feeds (with videos and images) live from the arenas during the shows! Pretty damn sweet if you're into the glamour and glitz of the Eurovision.

The really exciting part started coming together when the data was analysed and we were to find patterns between social media and the tv shows — our system was able to more or less accurately predict the real winners based on social impressions and data patterns.

The real deal

All social data was crunched, analysed and structured by our system and based on the outcome we created numerous graphs and visualisations.

We burnt through a bunch of tools for visualisations but quite quickly realised we had to build our own SVG-graph-engine to be able to build responsive and interactive graphs living up to our standards.

With our own graph-tool done we started crafting visualisations of everything from the most likely winners (predicted with great accuracy!) and heatmaps displaying where in Sweden people were talking about a certain artist, to measuring the "Eurovision-fever" over time and ranking the hotness of artists based on social impressions.

Well, we pretty much analysed the hell out of social media and presented it in a new and exciting way!

Graphs for Aftonbladet

Aftonbladet, one of the larger daily newspapers in the Nordic countries, was following the festival closely through written editorial content and not least live weekly broadcats.

And how can you get even closer the festival? You should know this by now. Yes, by utilizing our tool! Of course.

So, this means that we also built a custom big-screen version of our analysis and visualisation tool to be featured in weekly live streams and discussions.

With Lowe Brindfors, 2015