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Musiksätt Sverige

Tag a physical place with your favorite digital song – and take part in writing a new chapter in music history.

Every track, everywhere

Back in 2011, Telia was tapping in to the ever growing online movement of tagging content and checking-in through GPS.

So, together with DDB, we created Musiksätt Sverige, an online service allowing Swedish users to tag their favorite places with their most awesome songs. This was done either via the map on the site or the GEO-location function in your cell-phone. Or why not via the map in the iPad-version?

Not feeling someone's tune? Why not go ahead and challenge the place? You could also get your friends to vote your new awesome track straight to the top.

A million lines of code

We created a huge mash-up site connecting some of the most exciting API's that can be found out there.

The result was a combination of Facebook Places, the Spotify API (libspotify as well as the Metadata API), the map-service from Eniro, geo-coding from Yahoo and a million lines of code.

With the collected data we were able to automatically generate Spotify playlists based on a number of parameters, ranging from location to artist, track, album and so on.

Thank you for the music

With over 73.000 visitors and 12.000 tagged songs, this campaign was worth the blood, sweat and tears.

Because every tagged song appeared on Facebook, the campaign had a tremendous reach and people shared their own contributions within their own social sphere.

With DDB, 2011

We also attracted some awards, shortlists and honorable mentions – which we tagged with "Hell Yeah" by Ginuwine.