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For our first all-Dutch job, we combined a healthy dose of Dutch directness with some Swedish light-heartedness – resulting in a musical introduction campaign for a brand that is all about saving you money.

Introducing a new brand

As utility markets are liberalized, we have more choice in providers. But that also leads to confusion and inertia.

People tend to gravitate towards what they know, so brand awareness is the key metric for success. Sensing a gap in the market for independent, online advice in the Dutch market, Overstappen.nl – a company that specializes in using the power of modern information technology to free you from your current fixed contract and move you to a better one – wanted to build a brand, fast.

Established competitors all focused on the common benefit of saving money. But we realised that digital thinking would allow us to go further, building a more differentiated brand based on a personal, approachable personality. And so was born Ludwig van Overstappen.nl: a friendly and memorable troubadour for the online age.

Overstappen is not something that people naturally think about. And that's fine. We just wanted to remind them of this small, advantageous step they shouldn't forget, because it could save them a lot of money.

Ludwig van Overstappen

Although Ludwig lives online, he is human, sincere and trustworthy. Though powerful, he is down-to-earth and real, rather than supernatural.

He is a living symbol of Overstappen.nl, a distinctive mnemonic that the brand owns. He brings together the brand's multi-talented expertise with its single-minded focus.

His songs are strangely catchy and uniquely memorable and are an emotional way to communicate the brands’ message.

Our greatest strategic asset is our name. If we can establish "overstappen" as the name of the category as a whole, it will automatically become a uniquely powerful call to action that no one else can claim.

A musical campaign

Basing our campaign around music allowed us to deliver a lot of practical information in a way that is fun and memorable. Two qualities not often associated with utility bills. It also gave us a focus for Ludwig’s character and a central piece of content in the form of an extended "music video".

We also built a system to deliver individual versions of the song by utilizing the latest on-demand video technology. And some black magic, of course.

Once a person places an order at overstappen.nl the IT-guys at Overstappen (not the actual guys, but their system) calls our REST API to have us render and send out a personalized video as a token of appreciation.

Our system responds by comping together a video consisting of everything from the clients name, to actual footage of her house and nearby streets, to the actual choices she made at the site.

Getting the basics right

Besides delivering an introduction campaign for the brand, we also developed a new logo, pay-off, visual identity, custom icons and we helped out restyling the website and other online channels – making sure all the elements of the campaign added up to a consistent brand experience.

With Overstappen, 2014