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Priceless Bus

Riding that bus really changed my life - a flabbergasted victim of the Priceless Bus Experience.

Just priceless

Following up on the global MasterCard Priceless-concept – making great events and hidden gems more accessible – we rolled out the Priceless Bus.

With Garbergs we hi-jacked an old city-bus, refurbished it Moulin Rouge-style and threw in a bunch of great speakers, musicians, chefs, opera singers and athletes to entertain the unsuspecting passengers.

Not enough? Well, how about two fashion shows, a magician and a barbershop-choir? The bus followed Stockholm's central-line 2 and 4 for two weeks and was, of course, free of charge.

Follow that bus

To let users keep track of the bus - both the location and what was going on at the moment - we designed and developed a fully responsive hub.

Features included live GPS-tracking of the bus, a schedule of the events, live Instagram and Twitter-feeds (for the real story) and a handful of other goodies.

The site also features live passenger-tracking made available by the iOS-application we crafted for the hostess. In a simple UI she could register passengers entering or leaving, making the statistics part of the hub come to life.

And not to forget - the one who controls the application, controls the site. By a click-of-a-button the hostess was able to power up or down the tracking-device which ultimately controlled the site.

Now, isn't that priceless?

Priceless reach

After 10 days, over 4000 passengers had taken the Priceless Bus and experienced the pricesless side of Stockholm. The experience was widely shared on social media and got picked up by bloggers, newssites and some random people who were just looking for a cheap ride.

With Garbergs, 2013