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Taxi Trails

Want to explore Stockholm like a local and get to know all the hidden gems? Now, thanks to big data, you can.

Where the locals go

They say the best way to be experience a city is through the eyes of someone who lives there. Based on that insight, together with King, we crafted a tourist guide that leverages GPS data from millions of taxi journeys around the city.

Taxi Trails uses heatmaps to mark out the most popular taxi destinations. Users can zoom in on an area to explore the places around the hotspots, and to get there, can book a taxi directly from the website.

They can also filter and sort the GPS-data in a number of ways; for example, choose day or night, or see where the people from hip or posh areas usually make their taxi journeys.

Big data

The (very big!) data from eight million trips per year were collected, parsed, analyzed and put to use.

Once the data was crunched in our lab we had a good foundation to build an intuitive frontend and GUI for the tourists arriving in Stockholm.

This responsive HTML5-site is available on all devices and platforms and was made as a mobile-first solution — since tourists are more likely to have their phones than their laptops.

Thanks to Taxi Stockholm you know how to experience the true Stockholm.

With King, 2014