We're an independent digital innovation studio from Stockholm. We have an infectious enthusiasm for making things, solving problems and building brands and, most importantly, having a lot of fun doing it.

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Transform Today

Society is changing, public art is not.

Make a statement

We were commissioned by Absolut Vodka to create a piece of public art that behaves like the city of today, dynamic, progressive and digital — driven by data sourced from the city and it’s inhabitants.

The project was a collaboration between us and Tove Kjellmark and the public was able to follow and take part in the creative process (both online and in the printed version) through one of Swedens most prominent lifestyle magazines Nöjesguiden. Watch the documentary (in Swedish) by the talented guys at Flip-Flop Interactive and learn all about the public process of the project here.

Anyway. We set out to craft and build a sculpture that recites and choreographs the thoughts of the people in Stockholm by tapping in to social media — creating digital poetry from everyday rambles.

A data-driven piece of art that makes a statement about urban society and as it changes, so does the artwork.

Digital meets traditional

This talking and moving bronze sculpture reacts and expresses the thoughts and feelings posted on Twitter by the people of Stockholm.

The project is a great example of how digital innovation combined with traditional craftmanship can create something very interesting.

From the first paper sketches, to CAD-drawings, and on to our first hand-made wooden model to the 3D-printed plastic version and finally to the casted bronze statue (how rad is it to actually cast something in bronze?!) the focus was always to create a sculpture with it's own persona; from movements, to voice and expressions.

On the Raspberry PI-computer mounted inside the sculpture (the brain!), we used NodeJS to fetch and parse the tweets, request the sound files (from a text to speech) and create a motion pattern scheme based on the wave-forms. This scheme was then, through the Arduino sent to the actual servo-engines making the sculpture move, react and recite.

Tweeting something sad? You can be sure that the sculpture will cry for you. Expressing your happiness - so will the art-piece by laughing. Talking about illness or being tired? Well, she got that covered too.

She you may ask? Yes, she's definalaltey a living thing.

Presented to the public

The final sculpture was unveiled at a grand premiere party at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm earlier this summer.

Over 1.000 people from the art and culture scene were invited to the launch party featuring amazing mixologists (and drinks!) from Absolut, djs performing and of course a bronze sculpture.

In September the piece will become a permanent feature in the main arrivals hall at Central Station in Stockholm. Be sure to check it out then!

With Absolut Vodka, 2014