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Tutti Frutopia

Always dreamed about having your own island? Fazer, Yours and Hasan & Partners teamed up to make this dream come true.

An island was born

Food and candy giant Fazer asked for our help in bringing to life their new brand campaign – spread the joy – through an engaging summer promotion.

We answered by leasing a real tropical island off the coast of Mauritius — and Tutti Frutopia was born.

We were involved early on in the process and took a huge part in shaping the concept and the ideas for the campaign. We continued to work on the visual expression — following the guidelines for the Tutti Frutti-brand — and moved on into the development-phase to bring the concept to life.

The island was divided into smaller pieces of land (5.2 million to be exact) and each lot got linked to a unique campaign bag of candy.

Rule the nation

Buying a bag gave you your very own piece of paradise island — complete with owners certificate and actual GEO-coordinates (mapped to a pin on Google Maps).

On a virtual version of Tutti Frutopia the landowners had to prove their worth in a series of long and short quests and games.

Tutti Frutopia quickly gained inhabitants (from Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Denmark and Norway where the campaign was launched) but still lacked a ruler!

Participating for all 14 weeks made the users face geography and memory challenges, stress and pressure tests, creative obstacles as designing the new flag and deciding on next year's Tutti Frutti-flavor.

After weeks of their royal skills being tested only one would get to fly down for the coronation — to receive the prestigious crown and the title of king over Tutti Frutopia.

Wherever, whenever

Three quests, seven games, bags of animations, tons of user-interface-screens, literally hundreds of icons and illustrations, all boiled down into one digital multilingual experience crafted in HTML5 with massive fallback-support for sloppy browsers.

Yep, that is correct. This experience was made available and adapted for almost all available platforms out there — from iPhone and iPad (iOS) to Android and Windows Mobile, to all major desktop browsers all the way back to Internet Explorer 7.

Why? As a Tutti Frutopian you need to be able to participate in rebuilding the kingdom — wherever, whenever.

Spread the joy

Looking at the numbers, we've had more than 162.000 unique visitors who initiated the games more than 125.000 times and have spent an average of 8,6 minutes in the kingdom.

That leads us in to another noteworthy feature — this is an ever growing experience due to the increment of the popluation — more people, more games, more fun. Talk about spreading the joy.

With Hasan & Partners, 2013