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Wiggle that phone

According to Frank, Christmas is all about winning.

Frank loves Xperia

Sony and Tele2 are in love and they’re not afraid to share this with the world. So when we got the opportunity to work with them, we knew that we had to amplify this relationship like no other.

We created an installation for various Tele2 stores around sweden (Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö) where we used the brand new Sony Xperia Z1 to get the love story across.

During the busiest shopping period just before Christmas, we offered the people passing by the opportunity to win some presents for under the Christmas tree. This all by just playing a simple game: catch as many ‘digital’ presents as you can, by tilting the analog controller, and stack them on a platform — of course in the shape of a phone.

Presents included various Tele2 subscriptions, phone accessories and a grand prize every day for the best score: A Sony Xperia Z1.

Many people played the game more than once and told their friends about it through social media. There were lines outside the Tele2 stores to have a go with the installation and win that grand prize.

Grab what you can

To make this challenge a little more difficult and interesting, people had to physically balance a ridiculously large Sony Xperia Z1 that was hooked up to a big-screen TV.

Presents were falling from the sky at the same time so you had to choose which presents you were going for. Oh and did we mention we added physics, too? Tilt too much — or too fast — and you might even lose all the presents you've collected.

How we pulled it off? The styrofoam Xperia Z1 actually had a real Xperia Z1 mounted inside (Matryoshka doll-style!). By utilizing the gyroscope and HTML5 websockets, the screen reacted to even the smallest movement of the phone. Add some math interpolation magic and you have a good set of values to feed right into your Flash game application.

To make the life of the host a little easier we also built a custom Sony Xperia Tablet application from which he, or she, could control the game by starting and stopping it, reading out the highscores, adding contact information and throw in some easter eggs.

With GFC, 2013